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The Starke County Chapter of NIP

Posted by Brandon Isom on August 27, 2012 at 8:55 PM Comments comments (32)
Great news everyone!! I have just moved to knox, in. In recent talks with our founder Brandy, we have agreed to debut the birth of the Starke County chapter of NIPI. We have a lot.of potental" here in Starke county as far as new territory, new places to investigate, fresh.members, and so on. Im currently for setting up one sweeeet imvestigation for all the.members of.NIP..... MORE TO COME SHORTLY. This is going to give us a chance yo expand and become bigger and better than ever folks!! A few minor changes, Brandy will ne the head of the Fulton County chapter and I will head the Starke county chapter. If we get an investigation, we call in Fulton county as well, same goes for them. WE ARE STILL A.TEAM folks so nothing drastic is.changing, just a change in structure. So lets get out there and make this.thing happen people!!

Taking our organization to new levels

Posted by Brandon Isom on August 27, 2012 at 8:50 PM Comments comments (0)
Well folks, we are woking on combining forces with our friends in the.paranormal community. Im.working with at least 2 other groups and trying to coordinate some joint investigations. This is gonna be a lot of fun for us all, plus we get the opprotunity to lend a helping hand to those who are just starting out in the field so lets all be a good friend and neighbor in helping them out.

Out With the Old, In With the New 2012!

Posted by Brandy on January 15, 2012 at 10:45 PM Comments comments (0)

As 2011 came to a close and the doors opened for 2012, we look forward to what the new year will bring us! 

The 2 investigations that we conducted in 2011 were  very interesting to say the least. The first private residence investigation did not have a lot of evidence. I, Brandy, did have few personal experiences; in the bedroom, I felt as though something touched the back of my left foot on my heel. The co-founder, Brandon, felt a presence and a few cold spots. The investigation didn't produce much hard evidence either. The only piece of evidence that we found was an orb that we watched manifest and then disappear. We let the residence know what we found and the experiences that we had. We also extended our help if they ever needed us to come back for another investigation.

The second private residence investigation of 2011 produced a bit more. We had a difficult time setting up for this one. Since we are just starting out, we don't have a "mobile" command center and since we don't have warm winters, we had to set up central in the home which in turn tainted some of our recordings. Like they would say in TAPS, "When in doubt, throw it out"! But, we did have a loud bang happen 3 times. It can be described as something being thrown against the wall, but it was REALLY loud. We never found any evidence of something thrown; it was almost as though it hit the wall. Unfortunately, most of the EVP's we had to toss because of being tainted. We will be reinvestigating at this private residence in the spring so we can set up central outside in a tent so that no possible evidence will be tainted. 

We had a pretty decent year and we look forward to some of the investigations that we may have this year. It is almost 16 days into the new year, and we already have 3 possibles! Two of them are private residences and one is a private family cemetary. We normally don't investigate in cemetaries, but the family  really wants to see if we can make contact with their family; we are happy to oblige. One of the private residences is an "ongoing" investigation of a close friends' home. They had a lot of activity the last few investigations, then it seemed to settle down and now it has started up again. The other private residence investigation was brought to me by Stephanie, an NIPI Active Member. The client states that this presence is scaring and bothering a child. The client said that the child seen these black figures and not only at their current residence, but at past residences also. It leads me to believe that maybe these figures are following or attached to the child. We are hoping to conduct this investigation promptly. 

So, with these 3 investigations and the re-investigation of the private residence from 2011, we have 4 so far this new year! 

We also just received an email from an individual that told us the story of a man in Michigan that wrote a book about his experiences. We are currently awaiting our complimentary copy of the book so we can read it. Do I see a trip to Michigan in NIPI's future? Maybe! Stay tunes!

Special Thanks

Posted by Brandy on September 6, 2011 at 2:35 PM Comments comments (0)

The co-owner and myself, would like to give a special Thanks to a fellow NIPI member and dear friend! She has helped us out tremendously with new equipment. We now have:

  • Night Owl Apollo-45 Video Surveillance System - 4 x Camera, Digital Video Recorder - H.264 Formats - 500 GB Hard Drive
  • HDE temperture gun infrared with laser sight
  • Ghost Meter EMF Sensor with exclusive new ghost dialog mode
  • RT EVP digital voice recorder and spirt box combo device
Her contributions to NIPI are greatly appreciated! She was never asked once to purchase any equipment, she just took it upon her self because, as she said, we are a TEAM! 

I will also be purchasing a new night vision camera to take use as we are actually investigating. 

There are a few odds and ends minor things we need to get, but those are easy to come by. None of us can wait until we can get out there and use this new equipment!!!

Upgrading & Growing

Posted by Brandy on May 25, 2011 at 2:41 PM Comments comments (0)

Well, we are currently trying to raise some money to help with the cost of a brand new website! We are hoping within the next few weeks to have it up and running! This will eliminate the .webs in our URL! It is only $42 for 1 year of web hosting and registering our domain name, which will more than likely be: !

We have gained a few new members the last week and we are extremely excited about that!! Please keep promoting us as much as you can!

On a side note, we are hoping to start getting some more investigations under our belt. Although, we do not posess all the equipment like TAPS or any of those shows we see on TV, we do have the basic equipment to conduct an investigation.  Our goal is to eventually have some IR camera's and some more of the fancy equipment that you see them use on television. We understand that we will probably never have our own show, but that is not our goal.  Our goal is to go into places and debunk.  If we can't debunk, or give an explanation, for something that is happening, then we feel that it is probably paranormal. 

So, if you are interested in it, keep checking back! If you, or someone you know is interested in us doing an investigation, please contact us! We will get back with you ASAP!

Thank you,

NIPI Administrators

Training Course

Posted by Brandy on May 16, 2011 at 10:11 AM Comments comments (1)

We are excited to let everyone know that Brandon and I have developed a training course!  Everyone is more than welcome to join us on scheduled training days. As we obtain more members and more interested individuals, the more dates will be added for the training course.

Here are the areas that you will study:

  1. Bi-laws & Regulations
  2. The Ghost Investigators Code
  3. Do's & Don'ts
  4. Equipment
  5. Photo & Video (Obtaining & Analyzing)
  6. EVP (Obtaining & Analyzing)
  7. Encountering The Paranormal & Types Of Paranormal
  8. Forms & Software
  9. Final Exam - Paper exam & Investigation make up the final. Paper exam is not a pass or fail. The items you get incorrect on the exam will be the areas you need to focus on more. The investigation will consist of the instructors (Brandy & Brandon) letting the class do a full investigation on your own while we watch and make notes on areas you should work on.

Everyone will be given a training course book at the beginning, but it will need to be taken care of because they are not yours to keep.

The course will not cost you a penny! It is absolutely free of charge. We just want to make sure that if you are interested in learning more about the paranormal and how to conduct an investigation, that you are properly informed. Remember, everyone has their own ways of doing certain things, so not everyone will agree with the way we do things.  

You can check out the photos section for a sneek peek at the training course book.  We will also be posting photos of the training classes as they come along.  As soon as we get things in order, we are going to be posting a calendar of events so that you can see when upcoming classes are scheduled.

We look forward to seeing everyone there. Class space is limited to be sure to let us know if you are interested so we can get you on a scheduled date!

Thank you,

NIP-Investigations Admins

Looking forward to working with new members

Posted by Brandon Isom on April 21, 2011 at 5:47 PM Comments comments (0)

Hey just a word of good news for all you investigators and new members out there, Spring is here and you know what that means?! Great weather for investigating!! We have a new investigator-in-training darkangel and We here at NIP are just thrilled to be working with her by guiding her as she trains as a first-time investigator!! Also, a word of welcome to our other 2 new members, Jwhite and my friend Sherry. Our Family is growing bigger and bigger all the time, so spread the word about us and lets make our family even bigger!! Also, We NEED LEADS on some future investigations so as soon as you hear something, let us know and we'll get right on it!!!! This looks like it's gonna be a great year for ghost hunting weather wise, so lets not waste it folks!!!:D

                                                    - Brandon Isom

                                                         Admin. Staff

Just an update but very important!!

Posted by Brandon Isom on November 28, 2010 at 4:06 PM Comments comments (0)

I've been working with our current client on a daily basis. Things seem to be getting progressively stronger in the home, client is claiming that they are seeing full body apparations, VP ( Voice Phenomanons, voices without the aid of digital recorders), cold spots, high EMF, and much much more. We are currently looking for more investigators to aid us on investigations so please get those profiles created and posted. Also, please shoot me a private message on my profile and let me know if you are interested in being an investigator and if you would be available to help or not. We greatly appreciate all the help we can get and look forward to working with you in the field. I'm also working on supplying NIP with a mobile command center too so we have a quiet place to work, with all the comforts of home. So please, get those profiles created and lets get a great start to a great year with NIP.  In closing, we are currently trying to work around my work schedule but we will try to knock out this final investigation within the next week or so.  Happy Holidays to you all and hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!!

                                                           - Brandon Isom



Posted by Brandy on October 10, 2010 at 5:08 PM Comments comments (0)

So, we had our first investigation and we also went back about a month later for a follow up. We had some activity going on in the house and we have a very good EVP and some good photographs. We have had to put NIP- Investigations on the back burner for personal reasons, but we are  getting ready to revisit this place and do one final investigation. We had some technical difficulties with some of our equipment that has probably hurt some of the materials that we may have gotten, so we have decided to go back one last time with better equipment.  Please keep checking back.  We are not exactly sure when we will be going back, but it should be within the next couple of weeks.  Once we go back for our investigation, we will reveal any findings by posting them on here.

First Investigation

Posted by Brandy on May 20, 2010 at 9:31 PM Comments comments (0)

We will be conducting our first official investigation as NIP-Investigations on Saturday May 22. As soon as we have finished going over all of our evidence, we will post any of our findings on here.